Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 2

About 2010!
How I have missed you all! I'm so sorry for my absence. So much has happened. Quick run down. 
* I moved in with the hippie
* I went to Kansas City 2 weekends in a row
* I got sick 
* I got better
* My computer broke
* My computer got fixed
* Christmas happened
* New Years happened
* Hannah almost went crazy not blogging

So...five things I loved about 2010...let's review shall we?

1) Went to Montana with my brothers

2) Went to Uganda, Africa

3) moved and then moved again.

4) Saw jenny&tyler in concert favorite Christmas present. 

5) Anyone recognized this beauty? I'll give you a clue
And better yet. After I was already overjoyed to recieve this beautiful necklace, my roommate one-uped my brother and made this beauty for me?! How lucky am I to have the friends and family I do? 

Yup...pretty lucky. 

30 day music challenge

Day 07 – A song that reminds you of a certain event

There are few songs that can take me so completely back to a single moment in my life. This one takes me back to Junior Year of high school, Sadie Hawkins dance, last dance with what was to be my first love. 

Getaway Car - Audioslave

It's lovely to be back. I missed you all. 


  1. welcome back! sounds like you had a magnificent year! i hope 2011 is even better for you. :)

  2. You got the necklace!! How awesome is that! hehe Glad you're back, Hannah. I've missed reading your blogs.


  3. didn't we see Les Miserables together as little ones?? Love this post! xoxo

  4. hahahaha. hahahaha. That is the same song the same one picked for me and him to dance to for our first ( and last ) dance ever. Creative juices not flowing yet in that 16 year old brain of his?