Sunday, December 5, 2010

This girl thinks that...

...this necklace makes all of her dreams of a necklace collection come true. 

Peter Pan Kisses Necklace with Acorn and Thimble Charms. BEST SELLER.
photo props here

...this vase was so easy to make, and so fun too!

...she laughed out loud when she saw this.

photo props here

...this poster is so amazing, that she just had to share it. Yes, that is my name on Friday the 10th. I didn't plan to tell anyone about this show, but this poster is so cute I couldn't resist!

photo props Dan Turk

 ...this picture of one of her art suitcases completely embodies her life right now, messy and disorganized, but beautiful in it's disorganization.

...despite the fact that her life is a hot mess right now she is still going to...

...she forgot how much musicals make her nostalgic.

photo props here honer of nostalgic musicals, she will allow her 30 day music choice of the day to reflect her love of them. So...for your enjoyment (and please do enjoy it). 

Day 03 - A Song that Makes You Happy

The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing - From A White Christmas


  1. love that necklace. giggled at the coffee mug:) and i freakin' adore White Christmas! and that dance number is particularly close to my heart♥

  2. I love that scene in White Christmas! Which happens to be one of my favorite Christmas movies!


  3. Hey Hannah,
    I was just going around some blogs and found yours - it's so lovely!
    Anyways, I think we can be friends because I love bubbles too! And helium balloons, hehe :)

    I'm also loving this post! That necklace + coffee stain thing is soo cute! I'm right with ya on the suitcase too!
    Have a great day!


  4. Fun movie fact: The costume designer for White Christmas was partial to designing men's outfits. She designed the suit he wears in this scene with same color socks and shoes so that there would be absolutely no break in the flow of dance moves! Cool huh?