Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh Hannah

It's been an "Oh Hannah" week. 

I skyped with Kit yesterday. Don't you love it when Jesus puts people in your life, people you depend on so entirely, just to find out that God has even more in store for your friendship. I find myself growing closer to my maid-of-honor than I thought was possible, and realizing how entirely Jesus has placed her in my life. 

I was talking to her about my week. She laughed at the end of my 20 minute ramble of complete nonsense of a week and said..."So not only are you working and planning a wedding, but you're thinking about all that too? Oh Hannah."

It was an "Oh Hannah" week. 

It was a week of thinking. My job leaves a lot of room for thinking. Meditating? Sure. 

About marriage. About putting this man (when I'm serious he switches out of boy snail mode) entirely before myself. 

About friendships, and the death of them. And how insecure that leaves me feeling. 

About God. And the bigness of his love. And the stretches of the universe. And the concept of eternity. 

About adventure. About how I've always said I want adventure in my life, and yet when it comes, I shy away. 

Yes, an "Oh Hannah" week. 

So please forgive me for abandoning Neverland for a bit. My thoughts have been a little to big for this small piece of my heart. 

But I love you Neverland, even if I've been thinking very grown up thoughts lately. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Draping...but not for my wedding

In this midst of the craziness that is planning a wedding and work...

...I have found time for cake baking. 

Spice cake with cream cheese frosting. Experimenting with a draping technique I saw on Cake Boss (don't judge). 

I'm gettin' better no?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My life looks drastically different than I thought it would at this time in my life. And it's been making me think. A lot. When you mapquest for 5 hours every day you have time to think. 

About what is the same as before graduation.

Like Mario 64 lunch breaks. 

And what's different. 

Like the absence of coffeehouses. That I don't have homework. I have a fiance. I'm trying to maintain close friendships over 5 timezones (family overseas is a complicated thing). 

I've always wanted an adventurous life. But when it comes right down to the adventure, I tend to chicken out. I worry. I get insecure. And I convince myself that it's better to just work and save and spend my evenings  pinning things to do in the future, but never quite finding time to do them. 

"Comparison is the thief of joy"

I've been comparing my life. To what I thought it should be. To the lives I see in documentaries. To my life pre-graduation. 

And while I'm not completely joyless, far from it, I realized I've been stressing myself out for no reason. Stressing about things that didn't matter for today.

So forgive me love, if I forget that our life is for adventure. Just keep reminding me. I promise I'll do better. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Remembering Your Day

I was told, by ever so many people, that I needed to prioritize my wedding. Pick 3 important things, and make sure those things happen, and then don't stress about the rest. 

The first thing that came to my mind was photography. I love drooling over other people's wedding photos and, let's face it, for a girl in her twenties, I have a atrociously bad memory. 

I've always loved the very natural looking photography. Outdoors. Natural light and soft colors. Old barns and ripped up couches in the woods. 

But where to start? I wanted to meet the photographer first. I mean, they'll be hanging out with my crazy family and the boy snail's crazy family all day long. 

I'll tell you what friends. I lucked out. Not only did I find one, I found two amazing photographers! A couple. Adam and Wendy. 

I met them at a bridal show my mom and I went to just for fun to get ideas. We hired them the next day. 

Not only do they take some of the most gorgeous natural light photography I've ever seen...

...but they have such an eye for detail shots and such an interesting perspective. 

And they may even do custom photo booths...just sayin'.

I might just be a little more excited about the photographs than the wedding. 

(Except not really at all)

They are incredible. Please check them out.