Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My life looks drastically different than I thought it would at this time in my life. And it's been making me think. A lot. When you mapquest for 5 hours every day you have time to think. 

About what is the same as before graduation.

Like Mario 64 lunch breaks. 

And what's different. 

Like the absence of coffeehouses. That I don't have homework. I have a fiance. I'm trying to maintain close friendships over 5 timezones (family overseas is a complicated thing). 

I've always wanted an adventurous life. But when it comes right down to the adventure, I tend to chicken out. I worry. I get insecure. And I convince myself that it's better to just work and save and spend my evenings  pinning things to do in the future, but never quite finding time to do them. 

"Comparison is the thief of joy"

I've been comparing my life. To what I thought it should be. To the lives I see in documentaries. To my life pre-graduation. 

And while I'm not completely joyless, far from it, I realized I've been stressing myself out for no reason. Stressing about things that didn't matter for today.

So forgive me love, if I forget that our life is for adventure. Just keep reminding me. I promise I'll do better. 

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