Friday, December 10, 2010

Silent Night

Let me be serious for a second. 

For some reason I haven't been enjoying the holiday season as much as I usually do.

I was leaving Potter's House last night rather disgruntled, trying to remember all I have to do this week.

As I was leaving, Brett and Sampson began singing in harmony. Silent Night. More joined in. The whole kitchen was singing as I walked out. And I think I realized why I've been kinda sad the past few weeks. 

Cause I forgot that what we're celebrating at Christmas, has nothing to do with Santa or presents or giving your heart to someone else this Christmas (I hate that song). 

It's about a birth that happened in a barn in the dead of night with nobody else around to help but a very scared husband who wasn't even the father of the baby. About a very young mother, probably scared to the bone, but choosing life. And about a baby. A really important baby. 

photo props here

Happy Christmas blog lovelies. 

I'm missing this post for my 30 day music challenge. Just enjoy this loveliness.


  1. i have not been feeling christmas this year either. i didn't even care about getting a tree.
    thanks for this post though. definitely makes you re-think your priorities.

  2. christofer drew. love it.
    [psst...i accidentally typed "christofer dream" first. teehee]

    good thoughts. i have definitely been focusing more on how to spread the money i have among friends and family. and stressing overly about it. it's good to go back to the heart, and remember.
    thanks for sharing, lovely.

  3. Great post, Hannah! I needed this. And I love that video. :)