Monday, November 22, 2010

This girl thinks that...

...drives through Missouri don't always have to be flat and boring. You just have to know how to look.

photo props me

...when Missouri does get flat and boring, a good children's book on tape can be entirely too entertaining. 

photo props me

...her dog is silly. But she loves him anyway.

photo props me

...this song really describes her mood right now. Can't wait Koni!

The Wander and the Runaway - Written and Performed by Hannah Elizabeth (aka me)

...bleaching shirts may be her new favorite pass time.

photo props me

...random photos taken for no reason when you are bored can sometimes be the cutest.

photo props me

...she should start a collection of necklaces with unique charms.

photo props me

..she has been told one too many times that the contents of her purse are hysterical. So for your purse.

A) purse, says "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves."
B) checkbook and billfold
C) toys and bubbles (cause you never know when you might need them)
D) spair change
E) stress ball fortune cookie
F) kick butt sunglasses
G) keys
H) headphones and bible promise book
I) cupon and business card for indie
J) lipgloss
K) earings taken off earlier this evening
L) gift brought back from Barain from my daddy
M) Empowermints (from my mom, to empower me when I'm feeling down)

photo props me should take time to enjoy this wonderful new music video by jenny&tyler in honor of attending their show last week.

This is Just So Beautiful - jenny&tyler


  1. dude, we are kinda creepy. but it's fun♥
    cheers for roadtrips and bleaching shirts and that amazing song! much love all around.

    PS i heart you bunches♥

  2. Beautiful voice <3 Glad you posted it!

    Bleaching shirts is always a number one fun thing to do! Have you tried a Knify Knitter! I would go for it. Its so addicting. ;)

  3. Love your song and Jenny & Tyler's video is adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ps I am a little creeped out that you and Koni both blogged about the contents of your purses within an hour of each other...just sayin'

  4. Alway love the music on your blog Hannah. thanks.