Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dear Coffeehouse (a love note),

Home is lovely. 

photo props me

But let's all be honest with each other and just realize that I, despite how much I love people, still need you. I'm dependent on you and the sweet gifts you offer me.

photo props me and Benetti's Coffee Experience my lover for the day

A safe haven: to think, and dream, and type quickly while not looking at the screen as a friend pointed out I do. All of those can be found in you coffeehouse.

You are one in many. You come in different flavors, styles, and languages. But every part of you has a little piece of my heart that you keep bundled up and tucked behind the mug warmer (so it won't get cold).

photo props me and Benetti's Coffee Experience my lover for the day

And so I thank you coffeehouse. For loving me in only the way you can.

Love, love, a hundred times love,
Hannah Elizabeth

photo props Connally


  1. I love coffee houses too! Oh, man, I love this love letter. :)

  2. coffee houses are so cozy. and although i don't drink coffee, i'd definitely sip on some chai tea while reading and being the internet junkie that i am.
    for sure.