Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love you more than you will ever know

Part of the reason I went to Africa is to bring back stories. 

This is Bena II (I added the II)

Not to be confused with my sponsor child Bena.

We met her in a slum in Kampala. 

She asked me to be her sponsor. But because of the circumstances I couldn't. But I did get to see the place she lived and meet her mother and sister. Her father was killed by rebels in the north and her family moved to Kampala to escape. They were only supposed to be there for a few months.

They have lived in the slum for 15 years now. 

Sometimes I forget that the stories I hear about child soldiers, refuges, and violence have faces. And looking in Bena's eyes and seeing what she had see through her eyes is something I won't forget. It's true. You can see war in people's eyes. 

I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know - Never Shout Never 

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  1. Amazing...I really want my next mission trip to be somewhere like that. I really want to travel to Japan. That is another hurting country. Maybe in a different way than Africa. Its sad to see our country hurting as well....