Sunday, November 7, 2010

This girl thinks that...

...she's real excited about her book.

photos props Lucas Carpenter 

..children's theater should be more mainstream.

...forts are awesomeepic, the best idea to ever hit this planet earth. 

photo props me

...a new tattoo might not be a bad idea. Please don't kill me mom. 

...this music video not only inspired my new idea for a tattoo but my whole outlook on life.

On the Brightside - Never Shout Never


  1. this girl thinks that...
    ...she is pretty darn excited about reading your novel.
    ...our forts are naturally epic.
    ...we really need to get our next tattoos together.
    and i am super duper excited to maybe-possibly-probably-most-likely be your roommate in the very near future! teehee.

    oh, and thank you for that song. but you're welcome for reintroducing you to christofer drew's awesome acoustic words of truth. ;) and his fantastic music videos that accompany them.