Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I’ve come to the conclusion, I can not change myself

Trying to get ready for Africa is hard.

I'm not exactly sure what to be doing. I'm talking to Jesus. We're communicating. I'm packing. I'm shopping. I'm blogging. I'm washing clothing. I'm reading Romans 12:9-21 (amazing, check it out). I'm trying to prepare my heart.

But can I? Like seriously, I don't know what I'm getting into. I don't know how to love truly. If I could learn one thing from the people of Uganda it would be how to love like Jesus loves.

props to me for photo

I made a bag. Thanks to Connally for the idea. Or rather, thanks to Connally for making a bag that I blatantly ripped off for my own personal enjoyment. We'll just call it for what it is eh friend?

I have a feeling in reality, those kids will bring much more sunshine to my life then I will to theirs.

Jenny&Tyler wrote a song about my life right now. They aren't well known enough to be on youtube, so if you want to hear it visit their website and listen to it on their player. It's on the "This Isn't a Dream" album, called "Desperate Faces."

"maybe i should take a flight to see those desolate places | maybe try to step inside the minds of all those desperate faces | maybe my superficial eyes will finally be opened, and i will see them as you do | i want to see them as you do" - "Desperate Faces" by Jenny&Tyler


  1. You will be ready...whether you know it or not. God doesn't call us to things which He doesn't equip us to carry out. Just keep spending time with Him and leaning into Him and you will be fine. I LOVE YOU!! :)

  2. you will bring sunshine and love to the people of Uganda ( God doesn't make mistakes on who he calls). It is within you and he will help you bring it out. i like your blog, looking forward to serving with you. God Bless,