Monday, June 21, 2010

Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly away

photo props to American Airways

It was a weird sensation walking into a place someone you love, loves. My Uncle, Jerry Stark, was a professional croquet player. Ranked 5th in the United States and was on several champion teams. He was incredible. He died about a month ago and the funeral was this weekend on his croquet lawn. Yes you can laugh at his picture. I know. He doesn't look it. He's 6'1'' and a personality to boot! Loves BBQ. Ate BBQ everyday when he was in KC.

When we got to the memorial service I didn't know what to expect. I felt awkward. This was a part of my Uncle I didn't know. Many told stories about his mallet flying over nearby hedges when he missed a particularly easy shot. Him and my cousin Zac would TORTURE me for hours and hours when they came in to see me. Teasing that makes even my brothers look like angels. I loved it, even though I complained the whole time.

Regreats: I never played croquet with him, and I never went to see him in Cali.

Hilariously awesome is a fitting description. Everything about my Uncle screamed I'm not normal! I'm amazing!

He got to do what he LOVED. His passion. I pray to Jesus that I'm as happy as Uncle Jerry when I get old. When I grow up...I want to be happy.

I'll Fly Away - Alison Krauss (one of his favorites)

photo props to Connally


  1. funerals are never fun. love you, darling friend! ♥

    it's rockin' that he played croquet for a living-very cool! i cannot even picture you spending your life doing something boring or useless; you will find something amazing that you LOVE to do with your life. i just know. :]

    PS thanks for the photo props!

  2. To my dear new found cousin, that was beautiful. I'm so delighted that you were there and "held my hand" throughout Dad's service reception. You are a beautiful individual and I have no doubt you will always be on a road to happiness. I wish you only the best and hope to be able to see you when I come to KC for Christmas. Much love~ Jessie Leigh