Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 3

Thrifting yesterday revealed some great finds. Plus I got crafty last night. I love those moods.

1) I took something old and made it new. This used to have a bleach stain on it, but Malory (new housemate) showed me how to make this beauty. 

2) Clear plate turned to beautifulness with some old fabric

3) The Fremont House in the snow

4) Digging out my old poetry books for class

5) My cousin Rachel's new "Lola Bag" design. Beyond amazing! 

Photo via Driftwood Blog

30 day music challenge: 

Day 09 – A song that you can fall asleep to

I used to dream about singing this song to my children. 

Lullaby - Matt Costa with Jack Johnson


  1. i love that cardigan! and the plate. how creative you are!
    and lovely, lovely purses.

    happy monday!

  2. i adore our house in the snow♥ [though snow fits more into the "despise" category]
    and your cardigan turned out lovely!

  3. I love your cardigan! That is ever so cute. Little glimpses of the beautiful things in your life make me happy :)