Tuesday, January 4, 2011

List Love

I have a secret adoration for lists

On the list of things to do today:
- finish decorating the room
- run errands with the hippie
- get chalkboard paint for a fun craft project
- update the wander and the runaway (yeah, I know...finally)
- finish Going the Distance (don't care what you say. they make me laugh out loud by myself. it takes talent to do that)

photo props here

Our room is slowly becoming a perfect expression of my deepest and truest heart. That's kinda what a room should be yeah?

Guess whoooooooo? (the who was a clue)

The secret room will be a secret no longer in a few days. Just need a finish a few things for the pictures. 

30 day music challenge 

Day 08 – A song that you know all the words to:

I always sing very loudly with my musicals. This is one of my favorites (and also my dream role for anyone who wants to know). I will admit it. I used to put my earphones on and act this scene out in my basement. There were tears. Don't judge. 

On My Own - Les Miserables (Performed by Kaho Shimada)

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  1. hooray for room decorating!!
    hooray for lists!!
    hooray for les miserables!!