Monday, January 24, 2011

Little things that made this morning great...

...I got McDs (and there was a dollar menu, but more on that later) just cause I wanted to
...a parent was nice to me
...the lady at the drive through smiled at me like she meant it
...I ate cereal with my roommate this morning
...I drank coffee out of my owl mug
...I listened to the mix CD my brother made me for Christmas (the best present he's ever given me)

What made your morning, that could have been terrible (cause it's Monday...let's be honest), great?

P.S. - Five things I heart to come soon!

30 day music challenge:

Day 12 – A song from a band you hate:

I love this song, but Rise Against is a little heavy for my taste (so no I don't really hate them...but they aren't a favorite)

Swing Life Away - Rise Against


  1. I love this. My morning started out like this. I woke up in time to say good morning to Mallory, made my bed, made myself a pour-over (which is always a treat), got to read 1 Thessalonians, had time to straighten my hair, and Travis picked me up for school which was sweet.

    I experienced one glitch, however. My homework was not on my jumpdrive when I got to campus. However, I have the best boyfriend in the world that sacrificed being on time for class to help me retrieve my homework back home.

    Thanks for sharing your great Monday morning.

  2. ahem. well, i didn't even get very much sleep last night (my own fault) BUT! i did go get some color this morning so that i can get rid of my hideously heneous regrowth and that, my friend, is a beautiful thing (or it will be once i'm done!)

  3. I'm glad you are had a good morning!! My morning was good because I got to sleep a little later. I had apple pie and chai tea for breakfast. I got to spend as much time as I wanted in quiet time. I read a touching letter. And I remembered God's faithful promises. :)