Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turn the White Snow Red as Strawberries in the Summertim

"I forgot how much I absolutely love the mountains."

I told my brothers this on our drive up to Montana, a drive that I'll probably remember for awhile now. I relized something after I said that. I say that a lot. Maybe not about the mountains always, but about a lot of things. About laying in the grass at a park, about being on a beach, about standing beside the ocean in Ireland. I think there is something about the beauty of Jesus that my soul forgets it needs, so it just ignores it.

We listened to the Screwtape Letters on the way up here, and one of the letters talked about how letting humans do things they enjoy actually draws them closer to Jesus. They stop focusing on themselves and on the amazing world around them. It's not a waste of time, it's living the way Jesus wants them too. It's dangerous.

The book in general is pretty much rocking my world.

That and my brothers.

It's when I get in places like this though that I wonder at the pain my cousin and aunt are going through. My Uncle Jerry died last week. It was fairly sudden. I haven't been able to talk to either of them since it happened, only my mom.

So why? I think this is a question so many people ask but everyone is scared to answer. So I'm asking you, why?

I know Jesus is good. I have no doubt of that looking at the mountains right now. But I hate knowing that my family is sad.

Wow, this was definitely a "Jane Austin" post if I've ever seen one! Peace friends!

White Winter Hymnal
- Fleet Foxes

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