Thursday, January 26, 2012

What I've learned from my big girl job...

...mapquest makes bad decisions sometimes.

...lunch breaks should be pre-planned to avoid not getting any break cause you're running around like crazy.

...rush hour traffic exists. Just cause I haven't ever had to sit in it before, doesn't mean it wasn't there. makes everything go faster.

...singing outloud is frowned upon in corporate environments. will be confused, but it's ok to ask questions. In all of life.

...I make mistakes, but they can be fixed. matter how many times I do it, calling phone to phone in the office will always be as fun as when I was five and calling my cousin on my dad's office phone. is good.

...and tea can be better.


  1. ditto on the Music, Mistakes, and Coffee!!

  2. I always tell my trainee's at work that there is no mistake that they can make that I can't fix. . .

    I'm sure you are making a fantastic impact on the world with your big girl job!! I love you!!