Friday, January 13, 2012

Kiss the Girl - December Part 5

New Years Eve was particularly wonderful this year. Emily had a party at her house, complete with good friends, good food, and lots of fake mustaches! 

The boy snail and I were heading to Virginia on the 2nd, so I was particularly eager to see my girls one last time. It was the perfect end to a perfect December. 
Thank you guys for all your support in this crazy time. 
I'm just trying to remember if there is anything left to tell you about December.
I don't know...can you guys think of anything?
Anything different at all?
Oh come on! You know!

Ok ok! I'll just tell you silly lovelies! The boy snail proposed! And it was perfect, and lovely, and everything I could have hoped for.

And baby look at that ring! White Sapphire, fair trade, and a band swirling into white gold perfection.

Ok, ok, the proposal. He told me he had always wanted to reenact his fiance's favorite movie. 

The party headed outside at midnight to count down the new year. As midnight struck, Isaac's friend Dane started playing "Kiss the Girl" on guitar. I didn't realize what was happening as friends gathered around and started singing along.

And then he got down on one knee. And I shrieked and nodded through my tears. 
And so now we come to today, living in Virginia, job hunting, and enjoying first ever spontaneous date nights with the boy snail. And of course pining the crap out of my wedding plans

So stay tuned lovelies, things are only beginning. It's my turn for the crazy, blogging insanity of wedding planning!

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  1. Ahh! Congratulations! I hope your doing well! Although we never talk really I still like reading up on your FB posts. I promise I don't stalk you more than the normal anyways. Congrats again!