Saturday, January 21, 2012

Memory 21

Did you ever have pretend games as a kid or was that just me? 

I loved dress-up, Indians, enchanted forest, pioneer women. I loved them all. I would create worlds and characters and personas. 

Dress up was no playing matter in my world. 

And I got particularly good at pretend office. 

I had the whole set up complete with four page fake customer list with phone numbers, magazine that customers would order out of (designed by myself and my best friend at the time Heather. We were a clothing magazine) two line phone system, filed documents, and an old laptop to type on. 

Bushnick Designs Incorporated 
(seriously, don't ask how we came up with that name, I don't remember)

How appropriate that now that I'm entering the world, I get a job working for a corporation doing data processing. 

I know, not exactly the type of job you'd see eccentric me working in. But since I'm only in Virginia till the boy snail graduates, I needed something temporary. And this one lets me act like a big kid.
(complete with new, big-kid-I'm-a-working-grown-up shoes. They're real pretty)

And besides, I'm sure corporate America could use a few more little kids to lighten things up.

What was your favorite pretend game growing up?

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  1. I had a sick fascination with time machines...still kinda do.