Wednesday, January 11, 2012

These Christmas Lights, Keep Shining On - December Part 4

Many of you will remember my stories about Christmas with my family. 

So many traditions. The ornament exchange, Santa comes, Kris Kringle (complete with handmade gifts). But this year was particularly special, because we got to welcome two new people into the family, my sister and the boy snail. This was their first Christmas with the Nobrega family. 
Sometimes I wonder why the boy snail doesn't run in the opposite direction. 

And as a special little surprise, Beni got to sit on Santa's lap. He has such a strong resemblance to a certain husband of hers, we just couldn't resist. Really they're almost identical, my brother and Santa.
But the most special of all (at least for me) was that on this, the first year that my sister got inducted into the Kris Kringle tradition, I got her name. So I made what every new wife needs, an apron and a cookbook full of Nobrega family recipes, even with a few handwritten by my Grandma. 
(Also note part of my incredible Kris Kringle gift around my neck, thanks again cousin Missy)

Le sigh. Completely-Perfect-For-Me-Family pictured below. 

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