Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walk of a Lifetime - December Part 3

Overnight flight...not the best place to study for finals. Or perfect place? I'm not sure, even now. But study I did. 

And 4 finals, 1 week and 1 boy snail later, I got to take the walk of a lifetime. 
My entire family (new sister included) came down to see me walk. 
My brother and sister spent their honeymoon watching me walk down a really long aisle and get a piece of paper that defines my future. Exciting right?

And funny enough, I graduated Magna Cum Laude. I had no idea I would. They actually had to tell me to go pick up my ropes, or I would have just gone on my merry way. 
After, my sister and I even got to have a lightsaber fight! Oddly enough I had at least three separate lightsaber fights this holiday. 
(I just had to ask the boy snail if I was spelling lightsaber right. Be jealous)

But really the highlight was my party. See I don't know if you picked up on this but my family was a little busy this last month, so my incredible aunt (she'll claim she's my favorite) organized a perfectly Hannah graduation party for me. 
I remember turning to the boy snail at one point when everything was getting set up, saying, "Everything is Hannah!" pointing to the decorations, completely with confetti, gormet cupcakes, chocolates, and best of all...
...a DIY coffee and hot chocolate bar, with peppermint sticks, 3 different coffeemates, and lots of marshmallows. 

So let's review: walk of a lifetime, Magna Cum Laude, lightsaber fights, gourmet cupcakes, coffee bar, and one very happy girl snail. 

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