Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Wedding to Cry About (in a good way) - December Part 2

Did I forget to mention that my brother moved to Bahrain?

Well he got married there too, so I guess that cats out of the bag. And boy was it a beautiful wedding.
My (new) sister Beni did me the incredible honer of allowing me to be in her wedding party.
 I got to wear a pretty dress and pretty make up and then proceed to cry off all the pretty makeup and walk around barefoot in the grass in my pretty dress. 
But ah, such is life. 

Seriously, sobbing crying. It was kinda embarrassing. So much so that Beni looked behind her at one point to make sure I wasn't dying. 

But I think the truly beautiful thing for me, was that despite us being halfway across the world, we still got to share this special day with my family at home, via skype
I couldn't be happier. I hope my day gets to be just as special, skyping my brother and sister included. 

P.S. - Check out their incredible photographer

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