Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Location, Location, Location

When the boy snail and I started thinking about getting married, I became quite particular about the location. 

My first choice was the amazing theater we performed at in high school. 
It's mostly ruins now, but so many memories camp out in that section of my heart. And, the parking lot of this theater is where the boy snail first told me he liked me all the way back in high school. 

But alas, when I called about reserving the location, the manager said they would probably demolish this beauty by the following year. 
(they've been saying that for years though, so maybe a engagement photo opportunity hmm?)

So we started back at square one. What to do. Many websites I looked at suggested a place that had emotional significance for the couple, but that idea had been shot down. 

So I went with the second best thing to emotional significance. I went with something that I adore (and that the boy snail loves, maybe not adores like I do, but there are sparks). 


Mom and I started the hunt. And guess what. I think this location might have emotional significance in the years to come, just like the theater. 

Yes. Pumpkin Farm. You know it's perfect. 

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