Monday, April 4, 2011

Week 11

1) What says Happy Late Birfday more than an awkward over-sized hedgehog named Hubert? 

2) Tom Hanks. Oh how you make me smile. Kuddos to Coffee and a Cardigan for the find. 

3) Perfect! Thanks Anna for bringing this lovely quote out of the woodwork. 


4) One Day Without Shoes tomorrow! Yeah TOMS! Try going barefoot for the day. 

5) Gasp! Look familiar? The boy snail might have gotten me a St-Patty's-Day-but-really-just-cause-he-loves-me-gift. Yeah I know. You wish you had one too (the boy snail and the necklace snail). 

I just can't stop looking at it. So cute!

30 Day music challenge: 

Day 29: a song from your childhood

Dad used to play me to sleep with this one on the guitar. 

Puff the Magic Dragon - Peter, Paul, and Mary

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  1. Yes! Another person without shoes! I love the randomness of your blog haha I try to not get too entirely random but it tends to be my nature!