Friday, April 15, 2011

Memory 9

See this is why I love my life.

I just asked my new friend Ceisha, "I need something to write about, what makes you nostalgic."

Her answer...

...the zoo.

Which is weird, because at the daycare last week the kids took a trip to the farm. Which in turn reminded me of an epic trip to the zoo with my beautiful group of friends, CHEMM (Cadie, Hannah, Emily, Maci, and Moree...we're weird. we know)

There were rhinos. Moneys. A lion. A giraffee with an obnoxiously long tongue. 

Zoos are epic even still. But do you remember those amazing gift shops? The stuffed animals you just had to have. 

Or the bird show with the parrot that could talk. 

Or your mom telling you that flamingos were pink cause they ate shrimp and your mind being blown. 

Or maybe the little villages they set up so you could see how the people in Africa lived? No? Just me? Well that's ok. Not everyone can have a secret love obsession (but not so secret) with a whole continent. 

Zoos make me happy. End of story. 

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  1. Haha! So fun. I vote we take a roommate trip to the Zoo in Springfield. :)