Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Boring Pills

I usually have a morning a few days after school starts that I have a mini freak out. 

I feel old. I feel grown up. I feel boring and uninteresting.

I asked Isaac to promise me if we ever get married that we won't turn old and boring. 

His response? "What do you think we'll get married and take boring pills? [robot voice] Married units 2257 reporting for duty. We have no personalities"

But there is something about constantly thinking about the future and the bills and getting to work on time that tends to kill a soul slowly. I find I started thinking about grocery money instead of the wonderful family dinner I could make with the groceries, I think of coffee as a device to keep me awake instead of a device to keep me connected with friends and help me relax, I think of writing as my job rather than my passion. 


But then I remember that nobody has to make me boring. Nobody said I had to focus on money and status instead of the things that matter most. 

And so I dig my Disney Princess coffee mug out of the back of the cabinet, pour in some hot coffee, and relax, and breathe, and remember that growing up doesn't mean growing boring. 

Ferris Wheel - Offset Sunset

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