Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dancing Coffee Mugs and Floating Prisms

There is something I like about being unknown. 

I went to work to study today. And I realized I hated knowing practically everyone that was there. While sometimes, this can be comforting, there is something about going to a coffeehouse where nobody knows you and cozying up in a big arm chair, disappearing to the world outside the front door. 

Where I can pretend to have a "specialized pallet" for coffee tasting and that I really do know all about vintage fashion trends.

And where I can become invisible, in a good way, knowing that I share a space with people who have no business with me nor I with them, completely lost in my own little world of dancing coffee mugs and floating prisms. 

Ragged Wood - Fleet Foxes


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  2. Love it, Hannah! I've missed reading yours and other bloggers' blogs. I should get back into it.


    P.S. I'm at my fave coffee shop right now! I only know a couple people here right now, tho so I can probably slink into my own little world if I want. :P