Saturday, August 20, 2011

Memory 14

Today is a special day. My mommy is turning 60! And if you know me then you know about my mom. She pretty much comes up in most conversations I have with people that last more than 10 minutes. 

She's my rock. 

I remember watching her put lipstick on when I was little and hoping I could be as beautiful as her one day. 

Or reading books together in her bed, snuggled under the blankets. 

When I was scared she would lay down with me in my tiny twin bed until I could fall back asleep, and rub my back and sing to me. 

But my favorite memory with my mom is the long talks we would have when I was in high school in the morning. We would sit with our coffee and sometimes talk for 2 hours in the morning, being lazy and enjoying each other. 

When I think of her, I think of the two chairs, the footstool and big steaming mugs of coffee.


  1. Great Birthday tribute to your mom, Hannah!! Love the photo!
    Auntie Mary

  2. Love this picture and love you both!!