Saturday, August 13, 2011

More than Mush

There are times when I become hesitant about my ability to judge good writing...because I have fallen into traps before that authors, who have no real knowledge of the written word, have spun. A tale of romance and pain and loneliness that sucks me into thinking the author has a talent other than manipulation. 

Not that I can do much better, but then again I'm not published.

So I was hesitant with The Hunger Games. 

But instead of being manipulated into falling in love with one character or another, I found myself completely focused, as Katniss was, on the object of staying alive and the injustice of the whole world Suzanne Collins has created. I think about the pain of death and what that means for children, forced to kill one another (sound familiar?).

Collins captured me with more than just the romance. She captured me with real emotions of loss and danger and pain and hope. She captured a person that I truly care about and gave her emotions so much more powerful than love. She gave her anger and passion and a desire to see change. The potential to not love just one person but an entire suffering country.

So much more than mush.

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