Thursday, August 11, 2011


2 years at Westlake Hardware: learned how mean customers can be and what sizes of crescent wrenches exist

4 months at Walnut Street Inn: learned how to pour juice like a pro and pull sheets so tight a quarter can bounce off them

2 years at Missouri State University: learned how to hold a crying girl and how to tell if someone has alcohol poising

1 year at Amore Bridal: learned how to make girls feel pretty no matter what they are wearing and what a corset back can do for a figure

3 months at Integrity Home Care: learned that the smile of an autistic boy can brighten my day

6 months at A Touch of Nature Childcare: learned the value of puppets, counting, ants made out of egg cartons and rediscovered the value of bubbles

1 day at Boca Mocha Coffeehouse: learned that you should never lose hope that you'll get your dream job someday 

Photo by the amazing hippie

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  1. I had no idea you worked at Walnut Street Inn! So cool. :)