Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Snails see the beauty in every inch

I have a new little love that has been peaking it's head out from behind the bushes and waving at my heart, trying to get it's attention for some time now. 

It's snails. 

It started with this. 

Snails - The Format

Then I found myself doodling them all over my school notes. 

Then the hippie and I hid one on our website

Now it's taken over into a full love obsession. Oh how I love love obsessions.

Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps because of the lyrics of the song. 

Perhaps because I admire their boldness to spread slime all over the world. 

Perhaps because they can live in pretty much any environment (depending on the snail you're talkin' about) including land, sea, desert. 

Perhaps it's that they carry their home with them, something I hope to do one day.

But whatever the case may be, for your enjoyment:

Snail Love - By Hannah Elizabeth

SNAILS - Fine Silver Textured Disc Earrings

do want!

Snail ukulele (snailele) Baritone / Tenor  acoustic electric

bursting with excitement over this!

Snail Race Illustration Print on Antique 1896 Dictionary Book Page  FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING

an illustration on a dictionary page from 1896!? Old books and snails unite! 

Mystery Snail - PetSmart

a new friend for Cunningham? Maybe! Stay tunned!

So maybe I'm a little obsessed. But they make my heart skip a beat like nothing has for a long time. 

Also, while I'm here...

30 day music challenge: 

Day 19: a song from your favorite album

It's hard to choose a favorite album, but this one has been in my CD player almost non-stop for 4 months. 

This is Just So Beautiful - jenny&tyler


  1. i love snails! i've always thought they were cute little guys. in fact... i'm e-mailing you a picture. right now. kbye.

  2. A. I love The Format
    B. Thank you for exposing me to the amazingness of Jenny & Tyler!! They're so lovely together
    C. Snails are awesome

  3. I'm with Melina on this one -- Never heard Jenny & Tyler, but I am currently stalking them on iTunes and THANK YOU for pointing them out!

    Hope you have a great weekend :)