Friday, February 18, 2011

Memory 4


They're like your mom, but with whiter hair and more cookies right?

I had a different relationship with my grandma. 

But she died yesterday and I'm trying to come to grips with the reality that I don't get more time to repair some of the ties that were severed in our later years. 

But I do get to make peace by remembering. 


...getting up at 9 am to go get biscuits and gravy at McDs cause they were the only ones that competed with my moms

...playing Monopoly but stopping halfway through cause I got bored.

...beating her at 1500 rummy and her not talking to me for 15 minutes.

...wearing her old silk nightgown and pretending I was Cinderella. 

...watching Wheel of Fortune and eating TV dinners

...playing bank. 

...getting Wendy's Frosties

...taking the recycling up to the lot every Saturday. 

And just so it goes on record. I loved my grandma. 

30 day music challenge:

Day 20: a song you listen to when you're angry

I'll admit it. I'm a closet Avril lover. 

The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne


  1. i'm sorry to hear about your grandma. that must be hard to cope with. please let me know if i can do anything!
    sending my love.

  2. The picture of you as a little girl is adorable!