Saturday, February 26, 2011

Memory 5

Except Saturday. 

Please forgive me blog loverlies. I have had one of those weeks. 

But please come down this lovely trip down memory lane with me as we remember this toy castle.

My boss didn't believe me when I told her I played with this castle as a little kid. 

It's the most envied toy in our daycare. Complete with dragons and knights to explore the skies and the seas and the grounds with. There's a dungeon, a cannon ball (which we don't let the kids use, I know...cruel), a draw bridge, and trap doors. I know right!

It's also all in one unit, so it's easy to move around and super light. I loved this thing as a kid, and walking into the daycare to see that it was still in use was fantastic. 

Did anyone else play with this castle or was it just me? 

Probably just me, but please pretend you're nostalgic with me mk?


30 day music challenge:

Day 23: a song you want to play at your wedding:

I've wanted this to play as I walk down the aisle for awhile now, but I'm not a huge fan of Faith Hill, so I think I want a friend to do a cover with just a guitar. 

Cover of 
Fireflies - Faith Hill


  1. :D We had this song play as our wedding party walked down the aisle!!! I'm so glad someone else thinks its a good idea too!! I recommend it. I think Sara walked down to it and everyone held hands and swung them while walking up the aisle.

    And YES! I played with that castle as well. My sister and I loooooved it. (and fought over it) ;)

    Wonderful memories <3

  2. we have one of those! but i think i was probably about 12 when we got it, so i don't have too many memories of palying with it when i was younger. BUT i do love to play with the sibs when they play with it. so i'm going to say it counts. :)

  3. I loved that toy. I remember little boys I used to play with having that castle!