Friday, February 11, 2011

Memory 3

Do you remember birthdays when you were little? 

One year all of my friends came over and we had a massive tea party. Or the year we went to the giant indoor tunnel town. Or the Beauty and the Beast themed year. 

Remember themed birthday parties? They were pretty  much the best. The cake, plates, napkins, everything had what you loved on them.

And goodies bags? You would come home from a party with presents!? We should reinstate this into all birthdays, not just when you are five.

What was your favorite birthday party you had as a kid?

photo props here

P.S - Since this blog is all about me and the things I love (and so it won't seem too horrible egotistical if I tell you this), It's my birthday today :-)


  1. cheers for fun memories
    [i liked pie better than cake when i was little]

    happy happy happy birthday, friend!♥

  2. I had a tea party one year! It was like a tea party/dress up thing. Lots of fun. I don't know what my favorite birthday party was as a kid. I remember one year my friend and I put on a puppet show for one of my brothers' parties complete with News Boys music and candy flying from behind the blanket we had thrown over some chairs for the puppet stage. Good times... lol

    Happy Birthday again, Hannah! Do something fun!