Saturday, November 12, 2011

Memory 19

First let me say dear readers, I had every intention of posting this yesterday.

However my internet had different ideas and decided to take a vacation for the day. But he's back and feeling better than ever. Everyone deserves a vacation now and then yes?

I'm especially excited about this week's flash-back cause it's been a minor obsession all week. 

Now I know what you're thinking..."Hannah Elizabeth! You silly goose! I crochet all the time! That's not a real flash-back! You need to get your flash-backs straightened out! And you need to dry your hair before you start taking pictures for your blog!"

And you would be right. I know many people still crochet and it's not that nostalgic for most, rather it's reality. But I learned to crochet from my grandma. I remember sitting in her kitchen in our respective chairs at the dinning room table with Wheel of Fortune on and her patiently showing me the basic stitch. 

I've recently taken it up again and it's been ever so refreshing. I've seriously moved on from just scarfs. Grandma should be proud. 

What was something your grandma or grandpa taught you?

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