Friday, November 4, 2011

Memory 18

My grandma died this past year and slowly as my mom has been going through her house she's found things that grandma left for me. An old newspaper article from the play I was in, our state quarter collection, a picture I gave her for Mother's Day.

There was another box in my room this weekend when I came home, containing one of my most precious memories from when I was little. 

My grandma had this silk vintage nightgown I used to wear when I was little. I would be a princess or a ballerina or a fairy...whatever my mood for the day....and let the beautiful blue fabric swirl around me while admiring the lace in my grandma's full length mirror. 

It's the most precious thing she could have left me. 

P.S. - Fun fact, the veil I'm wearing in the "Flashback Fridays" picture when I'm little is my mom's wedding veil. It was my second favorite dress up item. 

What was your favorite dress up item when you were little?

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