Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 23

1) Walking
(seriously, took a 3.7 mile walk today...did wonders for my mood. I'm getting up early tomorrow to keep up the good mood increase)

2) The Muppets 
(even if the boy snail just can't wait to see it with me. No hard feelings babe)

3) Mine were: dramatic, charming, passionate, and outgoing 
(fairly accurate right)

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4) A clean apartment 
(also does wonders for a good mood)

5) Getting a certain bridesmaid's dress in the mail all the way from Bahrain 
(can you say wedding of the year? I'm gunna have the cutest sister-in-law ever! No pictures yet though, don't want to ruin the sure-to-be-drop-dead-gorgeous wedding pictures)

1 comment:

  1. That word thing was crazy!
    Mine were naive, passionate, sweet and loyal...but EVERY wrong I kept reading (except maybe courageous) described me: dramatic, stubborn, etc. lol