Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life's like a jump rope

I want you to take yourself back a minute to the movie "Step Brothers." They are running around, they've just become best friends and they run into their parents room (keep in mine they are close to 40 years of age) and ask if they can make bunk beds. Their argument? "We'll have so much more room for activities!"

I love this. I love activities. And that's what today is. A day dedicated to activities. I came over to one of my best friends houses today to celebrate the second holiday of the year on my calender, Chocolate Covered Cherry Day. I made a resolution this year to find crazy holidays, put them on my calender, and celebrate every one. I have at least 5 little known holidays to celebrate every month.

I came over expecting to just make chocolate covered cherries. I found today to shape up a little differently. I walked in the door to see my best friend decked out in a football jersey for the game later today. Our team is not good, but that does not stop her faith.

We made our way into the kitchen and started talking. Even if we only spend about 5 hours apart we always have new things to tell each other, plans, ideas, and funny stories. We started talking and were remembering Christmas this year, or CHEMas...girl christmas. It was amazing, but we are already thinking of ideas for next year to top this year. We've decided to do joint gifts...I can't tell you what they are on the off chance that one of the other members of CHEM read this blog...but let me tell you...they are good. Like, really good.

And so we decided that after we made chocolate covered cherries, we would start work on the CHEMas presents. Yes, we know that Christmas is literally a year away, but that doesn't really stop us...we're kinda weird that way.

And then we started talking about Em getting married. And we started getting ideas for wedding presents. And we're gunna work on that.

And then we decided we wanted to see The Princess and the Frog, complete with Disney toys provided by me. So we are gunna do that.

And then we decided I needed to put together an outfit for RA prom. So we're gunna work on that....

I looked over at her and said in my best little kid voice, "We have so many activities!"

She laughed. I did to. But at the same's completely normal for us. To make chocolate covered cherries and begin work on joint Christmas present in January. I like having friends that embrace my crazy, weird desire to surprise people, including myself.

I'm obsessed with this new song, life's like a jump rope. "Up, down, up down, up down, up down,'s like a jump rope." It's the perfect description. I'm up, I'm down...but I always have my crazy friends to laugh with and plan activities with on the up days and to cry and watch chick flicks and eat chocolate covered cherries with on the down days.'s a jump rope. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

And there is something to be learned from Step Brothers. Activities should never be overrated :-)

Jump Rope - Blue October

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