Friday, January 15, 2010

Closed Doors

Coffee - check
Music - check
closed door - most definitely check

The world was spinning a few days ago. I didn't think it could get faster... has.

I haven't had my door closed for a long time, at least not while I've been in my room. I have been on constant go since I got back to school. It's taken all I have just to keep on top of my school work. I've been so happy I didn't even notice that I haven't stopped. Think rapid energizer bunny.

The funny thing is, I haven't felt overwelmed. Maybe that's why I didn't realize I've been on the go forever until I opened my day planner and realized I didn't have anything to do. Weird. I kept telling myself I would get to a coffee house sometime soon to blog. I can only seem to write when I'm at a coffee house. Why? I've developed a few theories.

1. An abundance of coffee to keep me awake.
2. Music and lots of it. And earphones too, so it shuts out all other noise.
3. The bustle that doesn't have to do with me. There is something about being in a place that is busy, but that has no obligation from me, that I love.
4. The big reason. Nobody interupts me at a coffee house. Yes there is the occasional hello from a friend, but if I'm in the corner with my earphones in there is like zero chance people will disturb me. It's nice

I don't keep my door closed much. If I'm in my room it's open. Kind of like my personality right? If I'm here I'm open. I wear my heart directly on my sleeve for all to see. I like this about myself. I like having connections with people because of it. Problem: open door=people. Ha. I love people. Seriously...but I think I underestimate how much I need me time. I haven't had me time for awhile.

I haven't written for awhile. Me time=writing. I can't tell you how good it feels to have my fingers move over the keys and process what's in my head into coherent patters. I love words.

So I sat down about 30 minutes ago and opened my planner, with my door open, to see what I had to do. And everything I could do...was crossed off, except for "write." Yes, I put "write" on my "To do" list. How pathetic. I have to schedule time to write. And I freaked out momentarily. I couldn't get to a coffee house. But Jesus reminded me of something. I have a door, and it closes.

And so with a lot of difficulty, but with much excitement, I made myself a cup of coffee, put a favorite song on repeat, and shut my door.


On Your Porch - The Format

"Cause whats left to lose?
I've done enough,
And if I fail then I fail but I gave it a shot"

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  1. Hannah, I am so encouraged by you because it makes me realize that I'm not alone in my thinking. Megan came in town for the first time this week and she and I were watching a movie. She shut my door told me it was "uninterrupted friend time." Sometimes it takes someone else to teach you something. :) This reaffirms that.