Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy International Scrapbooking Day: Choosing Jesus with my DNA and letting him stand inside my chest

I promised my AHD I wouldn't blog today, but I like K seem to develop a fondness for the bloggerspher when I have a test. Plus I just miss typing. It's rather fun when it isn't Spanish.

Today is International Scrapbooking Day, something I am rather fond of. I always make little scrapbook things on cardboard and stuff. I make cards that look like scrapbooks. I have a huge suitcase just full of magazines. It's such a relaxing way to spend an evening. That picture up there is one of my creations. So random, and yet, so cohesive. That's why I like scrapbooking. So, for the sake of celebrating this holiday my post might feel a little bit like a scrapbook page...random...but in the end cohesive.

I've been obsessed with the song "Skeleton Bones" lately. Occasionally I get into my head that I want to be a fighter. Like a carrying a sword charging into battle fighter. I'm not always a princess contrary to popular belief. I do have a wicked awesome warrior streak. One thing that helps me is my "warrior music" or "warrior literature."

Skeleton bones is one such song. When I listen to that song I'm ready to march into battle for the weak, the defenseless, the people that are tired of fighting for themselves. I mean really, "Peel back our ribs again and stand inside of our chest." What a freakin' cool image! So BA. I have Jesus standing inside my chest. Kinda weird...but so freakin' cool. I mean...who the heck is gunna mess with me if I have Jesus..BOOM! Right there standing inside my chest.

Warrior literature...gosh...when I find me some good warrior literature I just gotta tell everyone I know. One such poem I found in a book called "Red Moon Rising" by Pete Greig. Granted the whole book is "warrior literature," but this particular It's called "The Vision." It makes me want to save people. Ya know? I'll probably take it on the plane with me to Africa to get myself pumped up.

I guess all I'm trying to say is. It's a beautiful day outside, I'm ready to go to battle for the weak, I'm choosing to look forward from failure, and I really like skrapbooking.

Wow...random. Oh well!

Skeleton Bones - John Mark McMillan
The Vision Audio - Pete Greig
The Vision Text - Pete Greig

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