Thursday, April 1, 2010

I never want to see it end

An Ode to HTC:

I remember watching a HST show for the first time (back when it was still HST and not HTC). I remember jiggling my knee up and down wanting to be on stage with everyone else. I remember trying out for my first play and getting the part of a Keystone Cop.

I remember the day I met what I didn't know was to become my family, including 2 best friends that are now sure to be in my life until the day I die.

HTC has, after a very long time, finally died. There was to be one last show, but it wasn't meant to be. Too many problems. And so it's dying without a final goodbye.

Can you tell I'm a little melodramatic about this whole thing? Yeah, thought you could.

No but seriously, it really does feel like a small piece of my childhood is dying. I mean, yeah, things kinda died unofficially when Bobs left. But no it's really for sure completely and totally over.


People ask me a lot if I'm anti social cause I was homeschooled. HTC was the reason I wasn't. First love, best friends, laughter to the 10th degree! Everyday laughter.

I love it!

You'll just have to forgive my nostalgia.

My Fair Lady: Light Test

Romeo and Juliet: Maci and Hannah

Romeo and Juliet: Sexiest Man Alive Award (Noah)

Romeo and Juliet: Spirit of Animosity

Romeo and Juliet: Cast Party

Romeo and Juliet: Little Kid Production

Romeo and Juliet: Curtain Call

Romeo and Juliet: Awards Banquet

Romeo and Juliet: Awards Banquet (Getting my Poster)

Seusical: Rehearsal

Seusical: Rehearsal (Beckie dancing)

Seusical: Rehearsal

Seusical: Opening Night

Seusical: Opening Night

Seusical: Cast Pictures

Seusical: Solo

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Lighting the Stage

Once Upon a Mattress: Cast Pictures

Once Upon a Mattress: Cast Pictures

Man of Lamancha: Last scene

Man of Lamancha: Action Shot

So many memroies. So many more that aren't here. I'll miss you family!

Summer's Song - Dear Juliet

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  1. Oh, Hannah...I understand how you feel. I think the power of HST can be seen right now in the fact that even though I hardly ever talk to you, (because I'm horrible at keeping in touch) I still consider you a good friend. When you go through so many life events with people, all the while creating something beautiful, there's a bond formed that can't really be broken. I love you!