Monday, March 16, 2009

Silly Things

I lost Disney Scene-It tonight. HA. Even just typing that out makes me laugh a little bit at myself. I was playing against 6 people, just by myself. I rolled 2's the whole time. And I moped. I don't know why I felt the need to write about this, but I think God's showing me how easy it is to come down from my little "Hope You Dance" high.

And yet the stars are so pretty. The wind smells like Spring. St. Patty's Day is tomorrow. Freddy is in tune and playing better than ever. I'm a princess of the high king and he loves me more than air. Pumpkins are all over my room. Ariel is pretty.

*Sigh* Yes, that's better. Focusing on the good is always better.

People usually call me a good lover of people, but am I a good lover of people or just of the people I want to love. I find myself becoming a somewhat selfish person, only loving when it's convenient. That's not ok. Jesus didn't love when it was convenient, he loved when it was messy, and he loved without condemnation, something that I can't quite seem to grasp no matter how hard I try.

But Jesus will endure. He's so good. Sometimes I just don't get it. You know what's funny too? He cares that I was bummed that I lost Disney Scene-It, cause I cared. He cares cause I care. That's love right there. To get bummed with me. Teehee. I love Jesus.

Marie Digby is good. I'm loving her just a little bit. This song seems to fit my life right now. I would love to have a sound like her for Honey&Molasses. Take note friend. Stupid for You

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  1. love the song! and you! <3
    P.S. how bout the next song we write the piano music game??
    XOXO molasses

    P.S. i actually laughed out loud at the mental image of you and Jesus getting bummed over Disney Scene-It, haha =)