Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blue Eyes

It's funny how I find a kindred spirit and a musical soulmate all in one package, wrapped up with crazy hair, amazing fashion, a listening ear and a sense of humor to boot.

Or that I found a person that is not ashamed to know every aspect of my entire life, and love me through it. That knows the secrets that I didn't even want Jesus to know.

Or that I found someone that makes me laugh, literally, till I cry, and has changed my thinking with the revolutionary idea of "fluid areas"......and made me laugh while changing my life. That's talent.

Or that I find someone so perfect for me (in my own opinion) that it literally causes me physical pain, but I wouldn't trade friendship for anything. Selfish perhaps. I'm working on that one.

I wrote another song last night. Actually, it's kinda funny. I was looking through one of my old journals from when I was 15, and I found it tucked away between the pages. I rewrote some of the verses and put music to it. It's funny that not a lot changes in 5 years except the boy I'm writing about. And my attitude about whatever boy it is.

And yet, Jesus really is helping me keep bitterness out of my life. So for now, I sit, and wait, at Jesus's feet for whatever is to come. Record deals? Boyfriends? Blue eyed children? Wedding planning galor?

My mom told me about "I am" prayers a few years ago. I love the idea. Jesus says to pray in his name. Well Jesus has lots of names.....seriously.....there are tons. My favorite is El Roi (God who sees me), but one of his names is "I am". When you pray in Jesus's name you can be using positive thinking and also praying for improvment. Praying for positive things instead of negative things. It's amazing. For example. "I am...sitting at Jesus's feet and trusting in his plan for my life". Now this might not be completely true at this point, but in praying in Jesus's name, I am stating truth into my life and praying for what I want.

Yeah.....my mom blows my mind sometimes. She needs to write a book.

So, I am trusting Jesus to work my life for the best good.

P.S.- I need to find something I'm passionate about. CB has invisable children, M has young girls with sexual sin issues....I don't really have anything, but at the same time it's not exactly something you can just pick out on the fly.

I am trusting Jesus to bring me something to be passionate about.

And of course the inspiration for this post.

Blue Eyes- By the Carey Brothers
dedicated to K and our mutual love for those all too Blue Eyes

"I just wanna sing a song with you......cause blue eyes, you're all that I need.....cause blue eyes you're the secret I keep" *fad out in an artistic manner*


  1. I love you!!! Don't worry about finding what you are passionate about. God will show you, but you might try looking at what you hate...always a good starting place because usually when we hate something we want to do something to change it. :)

  2. i am soo excited to hear this song!! =) and i don't really have anything i'm passionate about either, God's just taking His time with us; it's all good! love you darling!!

    P.S. i'm glad you think i'm funny, hehe