Thursday, March 7, 2013

Reconcile Yourself

I'm not sure why reconciliation has been on my heart so much lately. Probably cause I'm reading so much darn Donald Miller. But I think people forget how important reconciliation can be. In the bible, Jesus talks about it in the same breath as hate and murder, saying even as someone is dragging you to the jailer to reconcile yourself to him.


I think in America there is a mentality of "screw them." If someone has a problem with you, screw them. You don't care about their opinion anyway. And yes, God's opinion is the ultimate opinion, your worth comes from him, but doesn't that then free us up to reconcile ourselves to others without feeling like we're doing it so everyone will like us? Rather the motivation comes from following the only one who does matter. 

I don't know, I guess I just feel convicted. And that's good, and hurts. But maybe they're growing pains. Who knows. 

And it makes me thankful for the times I have reconciled myself to others. 

Because if I hadn't, I would be without a source of very good things indeed. 

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  1. Beautiful Thoughts, my dear friend! Lots of Love! Muah!