Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whimsy, my new favorite word

I've been thinking about magic and wonder lately. 

"I asked him what he meant by whimsy...He said it's that nagging idea that life could be magical." - Donald Miller (A Million Miles in a Thousand Years)

I find that when I type out my thoughts with the intention of other people seeing them rather than journaling or just talking to a friend on the phone, I'm forced to think about what's been magical and wonderful in the past week or month or year. It forces me to look for the good. Cause why write about something that doesn't matter. 

And there is a lot of magic in my life right now. You can't be best friends with a 3 year old and not see a little magic in the world. 

Like the magic of a kiss on a scraped knee, of chocolate and fruit by the foot, being a football player or a race car driver, crunching leaves under your feet and counting rocks. 

Seriously, counting is a big deal guys. 

I guess all I'm saying is, this is a pretty whimsical life. I just need to start looking and keep looking, even when I fight with people or get my car towed or burn my grilled cheese. 

If we didn't fight we wouldn't make up, if we didn't get our car towed, we wouldn't have an adventure to the middle of nowhere to find it, if I hadn't burned my grilled cheese...well I would have had a better lunch, but you get the idea. 

Whimsy: Chinese take out and a movie with your hunk; singing birthday cards; going back to school; new music by your favorite musicians; wedding pictures up in your apartment

Whimsical Wednesdays? Ha, like I need a new posting-to-not-do-each-week-and-feel-guilty-about. But maybe...if the whimsy strikes me.

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