Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wedding Wonderment: Girls getting ready

I've been wanting to share our wedding on here for awhile. Even though the pictures are up on facebook and it's been almost 5 months (wow) I love commentary to pictures. Plus, I was in love with our wedding, and I want to share the people that made it possible. 

So installment 1 - Girls Getting Ready
When we first started planning, one thing that was important to me was getting ready at my parent's house. They have lived there for 35 years and it holds too many memories for it not to be part of the special day. Especially since my childhood bedroom would be the backdrop for our photos.

The night before all my bridesmaids came over for an overnight. It felt like a giant girl slumber party and it gave a chance for the boy snail's sisters to get to know the other bridesmaids. It was a giggle fest of ridiculousness. 
We woke up the morning of the wedding, dad made mimosas and mom made a huge breakfast. Our incredible photographers Wendy and Adam from Abundant Life Photography arrived about 10 and we had a relaxing few hours doing hair, nails, makeup and a few dance parties. 
I was so fortunate that one of my bridesmaids, Emily Winders, works at a fantastic salon called Hair in Westport. She insisted on doing both my hair and makeup and I couldn't have been happier. So elegant, whimsical, and natural. 
When it was finally time to put on my dress, the backdrop of my parent's gigantic living room with high arching ceilings was perfect to capture the huge feeling of putting on something so important. 

For my something old/something borrowed/something blue my aunt lent me my grandma's pearls and garter, which has now been worn by my grandmother, my aunt, my cousin, and myself. 

It was such a fanciful morning and felt like the perfect way to leave my single life behind. It was nostalgic without being sappy and sad, and relaxing without being too devoid of excitement. 

Next up: Guys getting ready/the arrival and the venue

Vendors Featured: 
Emily Winders - Hair Salon in Westport

P.S. - You might have noticed I changed the general feel of the blog? What do you think? Keeper or kicker?

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