Friday, October 28, 2011

Memory 17

It's nice to be getting back into the routine of blogging. Just thought I'd let you know. 

So, I had this friend...Matt. And we walk to class together every Tuesday and Thursday. And lately we've taken to doing something that I find quite refreshing.

Leaf jumping. 

We had these huge trees in my backyard when I was little and I would make gigantic piles with friends. As you can see, I kept leaf jumping well into high school and now college. It's my second favorite fall activity (10 points if you can guess my first).

Matt...I will always get to the crunchy ones before you. 

What's your favorite fall activity? Childlike or otherwise. 


  1. Let me guess your first. . .going to pumpkin patch's? ;)

    My favorite fall activity is baking/cooking fall-ish foods. . .pies, cinnamon rolls, chili, etc. :)

  2. i would have to go with first beings something with pumpkins...
    leaves are my fave too! i looooove crunchy leaves. don't know why but i always have. it just means fall is in town and that is something to love, is it not?