Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Haus Geborgenheit

I learned this German saying a few years ago, "house of refuge, house of strength, house of safety."

The little plaque I have that has these words written on it is usually the first piece of decoration up when I move. 

When my life is accelerating and I think about where I'll be in a year it's hard to find stability. I'll have moved three times at least by this time next year. 

So I find my small space of rest in this crazy time... grandma's old chair and the hippie's chair on our balcony.

There is something about the outdoors and old familiar things I love.

And speaking of old an familiar...
 (I've had this stuck in my head since the boy snail sang it to me on the phone the other night)

As Time Goes By - Frank Sinatra

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