Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After a random number generator, the winner of the giveaway is...

...drum roll please...

Who is unfortunately unable to give a speech considering she's in South America currently. 

In other news, two weeks until Africa and I'm running around trying to get everything done as well as traveling back and forth between Kansas City and Springfield every weekend. 

Here are some lovely shots I caught on one of the car rides. We were on the outside of the storm that destroyed Joplin. My love goes down to you all. 


Oh silly me. How did that get in here!

Enjoy today!


  1. how fun for bethany!
    i hope you have a lovely time in Africa. that sounds amazing.
    and i love your photos!
    dear prudence

  2. Oh my goodness. This is hilarious, and saves you on postage! :) So excited. :)
    Ecuador is amazing.
    Thanks for guest posting earlier this week! :)
    Love you.