Friday, May 6, 2011

Memory 12

So speaking of ironic? Wait we weren't speaking about ironic things? 

Now speaking of ironic (see what I did there). 

Isn't it ironic that I've been writing about all of these things from my childhood that I'm nostalgic about when I have so many things in my life right now that also make me nostalgic about my childhood. 

I call this my "childhood collection." Makes me seem less sad than saying my "toy collection." I have a toy box. Don't judge. You know you want one. 

So. I have decided to share some of these wonderful toys with you in order that you might be inspired to start your own toy box to keep you connected to that wonderful time called childhood. 

Or at the very least remember some of those favorite childhood moments.

Her name is Miley. Since everyone calls me Hannah Montana I thought I would return the favor. 

I got her on my 21st birthday with my mom. There is a little voice box with my mom saying "Hi sweetie! Good morning! I love you!" 

It kinda makes my life happy.

She reminds me of my Cabbage Patch Doll named Baby Lisa. I might try to find a picture this weekend at home. 

What was your favorite childhood stuffed animal?

Speaking of Hannah Montana? Wait...we weren't?

Well, I have to confess I do own a Hannah Montana CD. I don't even care. 

Cause this song makes me dance in my room with Miley. 

I Wanna Know You - Hannah Montana and David Archuleta

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  1. I have too many of my old toys! I do not know which is my favorite.

    Probably, my American girl doll, Samantha. I got her for Christmas in 3rd grade. We were inseparable.

    I also had a weird figure bunny rabbit, I called snowball. I brought it to school every day in 2nd grade. I even did separate homework for snowball, and my teacher accepted. She was like the class stuffed animal.

    Looking back, I was a pretty weird kid... ;)