Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The view from the back of the coffee house... always the best.

photos props to me and Hero's Coffee

And here is why

I can see people come and go, creepy I know.

And I am near enough the main counter that I can exchange random words with the awesome employees.

And I can feel a part of things while feeling apart from things.

And I can spy on the hippie and see if she's doing her homework, or simply blogging like we always end up doing.

But nothings wrong with that eh?

And nothings wrong with a little depressing therapy writing either you.

"i am beautiful
just not enough

i fell in love
just not forever"

1 comment:

  1. uhm...have i mentioned lately how ridiculously fantastic you are?? we are so in'sync sometimes it gives me the chills [in a good way, of course].

    PS i heart depressing therapy posts. sometimes word vomit is the only way to make everything feel better. ♥